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Money is an amazing force. For some people, it can provide a well-balanced life. It can provide food, shelter, a new car, college for children, and retirement. However, for others, even when making the same amount of income, it may not be enough to reach basic goals. To make matters worse, personal finances do not become easier over time, they become more complex.

Whether it is a lawyer, a salesperson, an engineer or a receptionist, everyone in every career can lose track of their financial goals. When this occurs, the potential issues to that person are obvious. What may not be as obvious are the potential issues to their employers.

Financial stress and missed financial goals can lead to:

If employees’ finances are suffering, so too may the bottom line of the business. This is why employers turn to financial wellness programs.

The Problems

"For 73% of Americans, money is the #1 cause of stress."
– American Psychological Association

Financial Planning is complex - retirement, college, taxees, insurance, debt, wills, trusts, oh my!

Stress and complexity affect employee performance. This can affect your bottom line.

Employees typically aren't saving enough for their goals and aren't taking full advantage of employer benefits.

The Solutions

Financial Education programs can help curb workplace stress.

Simplify the ever-changing, ever-complex world of personal finance.

Works toward boosting employee performance as well as your bottom line.

Programs coordinate the benefits package and work to increase utilization.

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